An independent family-owned group specialized in the acquisition and the development of SMEs

In 2003, creation of the Group by Pierre Baelen.

Creation of the firm without any external capital, in an asserted will of independence.


Establishment of 9 business units since 2003 through the acquisition of more than 50 companies.


Unique DNA based on independence, long-term perspective, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2003, Baelen Group acquired more than 50 companies in various sectors


Creation of ClimaNext through the acquisition of JV Services


Acquisition of Factoria within DocuNext


Creation of SushiNext through the acquisition of Sushi Robots


Creation of 3DNext through the acquisition of Jobard


Creation of AkiNext through the acquisitions of Akila Ingénierie


Creation of DBNext through the acquisition of Panicoupe


Creation of SoftNext through the acquisition of Cogilog


Creation of DocuNext through the acquisition of SMB


Creation of IJNext through the acquisition of Interdata


Creation of MachiNext through the acquisition of Emsens


Our purpose:

GROUPE BAELEN from the outset, has been able to define a long-term guiding principle which gives it its backbone and its dynamics.


This purpose is clear and straightforward: GROWING UP TOGETHER.


GROWING UP TOGETHER is a true reflection of who we are and what we want to do: empowering our teams and our companies to grow, to go further in a solid and fulfilling way.


Our support is intellectual (observation of the environment of our subsidiaries, analysis of the organization, assistance in the strategy), financial (resources for development) but especially human with the objective that our teams thrive and progress in their functions.

We remain committed to the autonomy and the commitment of our leaders which are the guarantee of a responsible GROWING UP TOGETHER.

GROWING UP TOGETHER also means building in the very long-term: Groupe Baelen's vocation is not to resell its shareholdings but to keep and develop them by making time an ally.


Our DNA is unique, based on independence, long-term perspective, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit


Preservation of the acquired companies’ identity


No desire to resell, unlike a private equity fund


About ten professions giving the group solidity, balance and development potential

Entrepreunarial spirit

Experienced entrepreneurial team, with quick decision-making and daily support of management

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